14 Stationery Gi Set P.65 Stationery Gi Set 16 Display Stand P.79 Cardboard Display Stand P.79 Metal Display Stand 15 Stationery Accessories P.67 Scissors P.69 Cutting Knife P.69 Snap Blade P.70 Rotary Cutter P.70 Blade Type P.71 Cutting Mat P.72 Corner Rounder P.73 Bookends P.73 Business Card Case P.74 Tape Dispenser P.74 Carton Sealer P.75 Call Bell P.75 Summons Fork P.75 Magnet P.76 Sticky Note P.76 Binder Cilps P.76 Paper Clips P.76 Clips Dispenser P.77 L-Folder P.77 Clear Folder P.77 Clip Board P.77 Notes Book P.78 A5 Mini Blade Gridded Paper Trimmer 07 Staple Remover & Staples P.33 Heavy Duty Staple Remover P.34 Staple Remover P.35 Staples 08 Electric Punch P.37 Electric Punch 06 Classic Stapler P.16 Brave Series P.17 Twist Series P.19 Submarine No-Staple Stapler P.20 Mini Stapler P.20 Dolphin Series P.21 Pollex Series P.23 Modish Series P.24 Standing Rocking Stapler P.25 Bias Series P.26 Nova Stapler P.27 Classic Stapler P.28 Trio Stapler P.29 Elegant Stand Up Stapler P.30 Metal Stapler P.31 Plier Stapler 03 Electric Stapler P.05 Electric Stapler P.05 Heavy Duty Electric Stapler P.06 Electric Flat-Clinch Stapler 05 E ortless Stapler P.12 E ortless Heavy Duty Stapler P.13 air touch Stapler P.14 Atomo E ortless Flat-Clinch Stapler P.15 Lever-Tech E ortless Stapler 04 Heavy Duty Stapler P.08 Heavy Duty Stapler P.10 Long Reach Heavy Duty Stapler P.10 Long Reach Stapler P.11 Front-Load Heavy Duty Stapler 02 Tally Counter P.04 Tally Counter 01 Auto Numbering Machine P.01 Auto Numbering Machine CONTENTS 11 Classic Punch P.45 Brave Series P.46 Twist Series P.46 Dolphin Series P.47 Modish Series P.47 Pollex Series P.48 Bias Series P.49 Taichi Punch P.49 Classic Punch P.50 Stylish Punch P.51 Typical Punch P.51 UFO Punch P.52 Yoho Series P.52 One Hole Punch P.53 Bias 3-4 Hole Punch P.53 Classic 3-4 Hole Punch P.54 Adjustable Heavy Duty 3-4 Hole Punch P.54 4-6 Hole Punch P.55 Hand-Held Punch P.55 Eyelet Punch P.56 Spare Parts KW-triO reserves the right to make changes to any products or specifications without prior notice. 09 Power Punch P.38 Corner Rounding Equipment & Power Punch P.39 Heavy Duty Punch 12 Pencil Sharpener P.57 Electric Pencil Sharpener P.58 Manual Pencil Sharpener 13 Manual Tacker P.62 Aluminum Tacker P.63 Metal Tacker P.64 Plastic / Hammer Tacker 10 E ortless Punch P.41 Lever-Tech Heavy Duty 2-Hole Punch P.42 Double Level-Tech Power Saving Punch P.43 E ortless Heavy Duty Punch P.44 E ortless Adgustable 3-Hole Punch P.44 E ortless 2-Hole Punch