單位:mm 型號 Model 尺寸 Dimensions 吸著力 Holding Power 螺紋孔徑 Tapped Hole 磁鋼類型 Magnet Type 表面處理 Surface GMYM-26A Φ26×25 15 KG M6 釹鐵硼 噴漆 GMYM-30A Φ30×25 18 KG M6 GMYM-40A Φ40×30 30 KG M8 GMYM-50A Φ50×40 50 KG M8 GMYM-B 26×26×25 14 KG 無 GMYM-C 60×26×25 20 KG M6 訂製品 鋁鎳鈷 鍍鎳 訂製品 釤鈷 鍍鎳 *型錄上產品規格尺寸僅供參考,以本公司實際產品主為準,變更時恕不另行通 知。 The specifications and dimensions of products in the catalogs are for reference only. Subject to be changed without any notice. 小型強磁磁塊 GMYM TYPE MAGNETIC HOLDER 代客訂製永磁 CUSTOMIZATION FOR PERMANENT MAGNET 各類磁石 代客訂製釹鐵錋、氧化鐵、鋁鎳鈷等各類磁石,提供 客戶性能穩定,價格超值,綠色環保產品,擁有專業 的技術,可幫客戶開發新產品。 Various magnets Produce & supply various of NdFeB、Ferrite、 AlNiCo magnets with stable quality、more value and environment-friendly. New products development is available upon request by our professional technology. GUANG DAR 34